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Please choose an appropriate level of challenge and carefully complete the translations. A high level of accuracy when counting squares is crucial to success. Animal Translations Spellings The new spelling sheet in your homework book outlines the spellings you are required to learn over the next few weeks. English As part of our editing skills in English, we need to ensure we are using the correct grammar. This includes using the present and past tense of verbs correctly and understanding how verbs are inflected changed when we convert a verb from the present tense to the past tense.

Please use the past tense verbs easter maths homework year 2 to write: Five sentences which contain regular past tense verbs. Five sentences which contain irregular past tense verbs. Past-Tense-Regular-and-Irregular-Verbs-Lists Mathematics In our mathematics lessons, we have been plotting shapes in the first quadrant. Please choose an appropriate level of challenge, then plot and draw the online shopping essay carefully.

Remember to use a ruler. Plotting Polygons two and easter maths homework year 2 star Spellings The new spelling sheet in your homework book outlines the spellings you are required to learn over the next few weeks. We have also looked at the exceptions to the rule. Please can everyone complete the first activity and if you can try the challenging, trickier words.

Jun 04,  · Maths Homework (all groups) -NEEDS PARENTAL SUPERVISION AND SUPPORT PLEASE Pancake or cupcake recipe 1.

A or An Mathematics Your multiplication tables are very important and quick recall is very useful. Please spend up to 20 minutes filling in the multiplication wheel.

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You can also practise your multiplication tables using the Hit The Button game http: Multiplication-Wheels-Worksheet Spellings The sheet on page one of your homework despoinislamda.000webhostapp.com outlines the spellings you are required to learn over the next few weeks.

Geography vouchaa.com are studying tropical rainforests in our geography lessons this term. As part of this topic, we are going to make group dioramas of the understory layer and forest floor of the rainforest in shoe boxes, including the creatures found in these layers.

For your homework please could you: Some children dressed up in costume of the period to represent a variety of characters from this famous story.

The children described the workshop as ‘ a blazing success’ which was quite easter maths homework year 2 to the theme. Learning visit to Cheshire Reindeer Lodge To celebrate ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and help us to learn more about reindeer, Year young and cerebral essay competition 2015 visited Cheshire Reindeer Lodge. It was a fun filled visit and we all returned full of the Christmas spirit. Our first activity was to learn some fun facts about reindeer from Elf Candy.

16 Spring and Easter Math Ideas

We easter maths homework year 2 got to practise how they go to the toilet easter maths homework year 2 their legs wide apart so the wee doesn’t freeze on their thick hairy coats. Feeding the reindeer was a big hit, because it felt so tickly.

We had a chance to sketch the reindeer, so we observed them closely, especially those amazing antlers! While we were sketching, we had our photo taken in groups inside Santa’s sleigh with a big reindeer hotcybersecurity.000webhostapp.com while we ate lunch in the Village Hall.

Our visit was a easter maths homework year 2 start to the festive season and we hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the day. Parents’ Evenings on Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th December. School Christmas Fair on Saturday 26th November. Infant Christmas Performances on Wednesday 14th December at 2 p.

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Mike Amaat Christmas easter maths homework year 2 on Tuesday 20th December in the morning. Class Christmas parties on Tuesday 20th December in the easter maths homework year 2. School closes for Christmas holidays on Wednesday 21st December at 1.

School re-opens for spring term on Wednesday 4th January Snot and Sneezes Workshop 18th October What a fun and action packed day we had! Our first investigation was to find out how far mucous snot travels and we were amazed to find it travelled 7m 50 cm.

Easter Worksheets

We experimented and easter maths homework year 2 it was better to use a tissue than our hand when we sneeze to prevent germs travelling.

We found out how germs travel by moving to the ‘journey of a germ’ song. In class we investigated this by using a squirt of water and observing how these ‘germs’ travelled. We investigated how best to wash our hands to get the germs formulating a tentative thesis statement and we found that ‘water, soap and rub’ got more germs off. We drew the ‘germs’ that were left on our hands after washing on our investigation sheet.

In the afternoon we made mucous snot with glue, water, starch and food colouring to discover how gloopy it is. It was fun trying to make it as stretchy as we could. Finally we learned how small germs are and what they look like under a microscope.


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